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Introduced25 August 1993
TLD typeCountry code top-level domain
RegistryInternet Society Lebanon
SponsorInternet Society Lebanon
Intended useEntities connected with  Lebanon
Actual useReasonably popular in Lebanon
Registered domains4166 (2017)[1]
Registration restrictionsRegistrant must have a Lebanese address; specific restrictions enforced for each second-level subdomain
StructureRegistrations are at third level beneath second-level categories
DocumentsRegistration Policy
Registry websiteLebanese Domain Registry

.lb is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for Lebanon.


The Lebanese Domain Registry (LBDR) was established in 1993. It offered domains free of charge directly to registrants, without the use of a registrar model. Since February 1, 2021, they introduced a registrar model and registrants can't directly register their domains at the registry anymore. At the same time the registry also introduced a yearly fee for domains and removed the trademark requirement for registrants.[2] On July 13, 2023, ICANN took over the registry management of .lb in a caretaker role due to the death of the registry manager.[3] On January 21, 2024, ICANN approved the transfer of .lb to the new registry Internet Society Lebanon.[4]

Second-level domains[edit]

  • com.lb – commercial
  • edu.lb – educational
  • gov.lb – government
  • net.lb – network infrastructure
  • org.lb – organizations


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